MILLTONE Custom 8G Instrument heading to Virginia

October 11, 2014

This custom design is on its’ way to Virginia. Commissioned by Tiffany F. the Hammered Light Blue 8G instrument features her animal totems plus Pleiades constellation inside cut from Plum colored sign vinyl.

Custom Design MILLTONE

Custom Design MILLTONE

Humpback Whale

Humpback Whale


Bottle Nose Dolphins

Model 8G-HLBLU-1337

Custom Design Model 8G-HLBLU-1337

We enjoy bringing your ideas to life on one of a kind custom MILLTONE instruments. Order now for the Holidays.

Click here to visit the MILLTONE drums eBay Store.

Thank You, and Stay Tuned….

Custom MILLTONE Request from Canada

September 6, 2014

We greatly enjoy fulfilling custom design requests. Your ideas stimulate and sustain the grueling task of cutting steel and vinyl to make another unique MILLTONE instrument.  It is because of you we continue to make these beautiful sounding instruments.

This request comes from Reme Z of Canada. He will be ordering a custom Hammered White C7 soon as well as this 8G in Hammered Black. He asked for symbols that resonated with his personal life and so asked for the Aum, Moon, Water, Earth, Peace, Neptune, Pisces, and Sun symbols. As we continued the design process the Peace sign was changed to a Tiger since the year of the tiger is part of his personal profile. It takes about three to four weeks before a custom MILLTONE instrument is ready to ship. The first decision required is the color of the instrument, after that, construction can begin. Graphics do not need to be finalized for a couple weeks giving plenty of  time to tweak your ideas. We look forward to working with you to create that special, one of a kind, instrument that only you can create. So here is a look at some pictures of Rene’s custom MILLTONE Model 8G-HBLK-1325.

Model 8G-HBLK-1325

Model 8G-HBLK-1325

Gold Vinyl Graphic

Gold Vinyl Graphics



Thank you, and Stay Tuned…..

Jewish Home and Care Center Commissions two MILLTONE instruments for residents

June 30, 2014

The residents at the Jewish Home and Care Center will have two new MILLTONE instruments available for activities next month. These custom instruments were commissioned by Carol Lukaszewicz


Model 8G-HLBLU-1302

Model 8G-HLBLU-1302


Model 8G-HRD-1308

Model 8G-HRD-1308


We are very pleased to create these special instruments to add another experience to the good quality of life for these seniors at this outstanding facility.

Thank you, and Stay Tuned…

The week of the MILLTONE Sanskrit Chakras

April 18, 2014

This week we have listed several MILLTONE drums with Sanskrit Chakra symbols. Both C7 and 8G models are available.

Hammered Silver with Gray Chakras - Model 8G-HSLV-1288

Hammered Silver with Gray Chakras – Model 8G-HSLV-1288

Hammered Gold with Gold Chakras - Model 8G-HGLD-1286

Hammered Gold with Gold Chakras – Model 8G-HGLD-1286

Hammered Gray with Black Chakras - Model C7-HGRY-1287

Hammered Gray with Black Chakras – Model C7-HGRY-1287


We have demos posted on YouTube. Enjoy!


Here is a link to our eBay store.

Don’t see what you want? Send Larry your request =


Thank you and Stay Tuned.

Matching Light Blue MILLTONE set C7 and 8G

April 2, 2014

Here is an opportunity to have a color matched set of MILLTONE instruments. The C7 A-432 Hz model C7-HLBLU-1277 and an 8G A=440 Hz. model 8G-HLBLU-1270. Both are finished in Hammered Light Blue with black vinyl MILLTONE logos. They can be customized with additional graphics if you make the request. Very different in musical character yet matching in color size and shape these are both wonderful instruments.


Model 8G-HLBLU-1270

Model 8G-HLBLU-1270

Model C7-HLBLU-1277

Model C7-HLBLU-1277


Here are the video demos, Enjoy!

Hear the 8G

Hear the C7



Both are currently available from our eBay store. This is a link that will open new window.


Thank you, and Stay Tuned…



Go for this Gold MILLTONE and save $175,000.00

March 26, 2014

Well headlines are designed to entice readers and saving $175,000 is certainly a big number. This MILLTONE model 8G-HGLD-1269 weighs in at about 133oz  so if it were made of 24K gold it would be worth more than $175,000. The thing is, even after spending that much money for the precious metal the resulting instrument would not sound as good as this one. Steel simply produces better sound*, so save your money and enjoy this Hammered Gold colored MILLTONE instead.

Model 8G-HGLD-1269

Model 8G-HGLD-1269


Here is a video demo of this instrument, Enjoy!


You can visit our eBay store with a click here to see this model and several others available immediately.

It will open a new window so you can come back and browse around the blog pages some more.

Thank you and Stay Tuned….


*This is an assumption, we have not actually made a solid gold instrument for testing.

A double green St. Paddy’s day at MILLTONE

March 17, 2014

So today is a green color day and two different green  MILLTONE instruments are featured. Today we are sending a custom Verde Green MILLTONE to James in Ohio who won today’s eBay auction for a plain drum. He requested Chakra symbols and meditating man be added.

Before Before

Model 8G-HVGRN-1262 After

Here it is after we added the graphics.

Next we have Model 8G-HGRN-1275 a hammered deep green instrument listed today.

Model 8G-HGRN-1275

Model 8G-HGRN-1275


Let us know if you would like to add Shamrocks, three or four leaf clovers, or celtic triquetra knots or whatever green graphics you would like and we will be happy to make them for you.

Here is a demo of this instrument, Enjoy!

This is a link to our eBay store.

Thank you and stay tuned….

Multi colored Chakra Mandalas requested. Request your custom MILLTONE design today

February 4, 2014

We are happy to make your requests for custom color combinations and special graphics. Please contact Larry with your ideas. We are also happy to duplicate a previous design you may have seen or have been outbid on an eBay auction.

Here is a new C7 model in Hammered Silver with multi colored Chakra Mandalas and Gold Meditating man made by request. The C7 models have A = 432 Hz tuning.

Model C7-HSLV-1242 February 4, 2014

Model C7-HSLV-1242 February 4, 2014

Multi colored chakra mandalas

Multi colored chakra mandalas

Here is a demo of this model, Enjoy!

You can find this instrument as well as some other designs and 8G models with A= 440 Hz models on eBay HERE.

Thank you for your continued support and Stay Tuned…

February Price Reduction of $25 on all new MILLTONE instruments

January 22, 2014

We love you and are happy to announce a price reduction of $25 to both the starting price and the Buy it now price of all new MILLTONE instruments effective today Jan 22, 2014. This is a great time to buy the MILLTONE you have been wanting and a good way to invest your income tax refund as well. We are working very hard to give you the best sounding and highest value instruments available.

Thank you for your continued support.

Ring in the New Year with this MILLTONE Breaking Bad Custom Special Drum

December 31, 2013

8G-HRD-1258-12Yes there are yellow bumble bees on this new Breaking Bad special drum.  Breaking Bad is a marvelously well written hit show about Walter White the chemist turned school teacher turned meth cook. Riviting performances and storyline make this show one of the all time best. To honor that and please some of the fans who are also drummers, we had some fun creating this special MILLTONE Model 8G-HRD-1258. We modified our MILLTONE logo to include the element Ne, Neon, and created yellow bumblebees for the tongues. What a super gift this would make for you or the Breaking Bad fan you love.

Model 8G-HRD-1258, December 20, 2013

Model 8G-HRD-1258, December 20, 2013

Enjoy this video demo,

This and other custom MILLTONE instruments are available now at our eBay store. Click to visit.

Happy Holidays, Enjoy, and Stay Tuned…


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