Yohei Jimbo plays his MILLTONE from Japan. Love it!

July 16, 2015

The Sanskrit Chakra and Meditating Man graphics return.

July 1, 2015

We always respond to special requests and make the instruments you like and want. Remember all you need do is ask if you would like a custom design. How do we do that? Simply send an email to larry@milltonedrums.com describing what design you would like. Also we have lowered the Buy it Now price on eBay another $50 to help you get the instrument you want without bidding and waiting for the auctions to end and PayPal gives you many convenient, secure, payment options as well as converting currency for our international fans. So don’t put off your request any longer. Here is a look at the Hammered Light Blue with Blue Chakra and Meditating Man graphics. The Meditating Man on the inside of the instrument shows the Chakra locations in the body for easy reference. Relaxing and easy to play MILLTONE drums are always a welcome addition to any home or office. Enjoy!

Model 8G-HLBLU-1472

Model 8G-HLBLU-1472

Sanskrit Chakra graphics

Sanskrit Chakra graphics

Meditating Man with Chakra locations

Meditating Man with Chakra locations

You can find this and other MILLTONE designs here MILLTONE eBay Store

Thank you, and Stay Tuned…..

Now I become the Batman for these custom instruments….

June 23, 2015

Really, Andy is the Batman ordering these three custom BATMILLTONE instruments. Take a look…



Black Bats on Black drum - rules the night

Black Bats on Black drum – rules the night

Hammered Deep Green with Bats

Hammered Deep Green with  more Bats

Can’t say how much we enjoy making your custom ideas fly into life so bring it on. Want something never seen before on your drum just email larry@milltonedrums.com and lets get to work on it. Special thanks to Andy for all the creative input on this special project.

Thank you for your support, and Stay Tuned…

West African Adinkra Symbol for Peace and Harmony on this new MILLTONE

April 29, 2015

Today we introduce another new symbol for our drums. This Hammered Copper MILLTONE Model 8G-HCPR-1435 features the West African Adinkra symbol for Peace and Harmony. Bi Nka Bi “No one should bite the other” on the tongues. We are happy to present this new MILLTONE fine tuned instrument. We are also happy to work with you to create your own custom instrument.

Adinkra Peace and Harmony

Adinkra Peace and Harmony

Model 8G-HCPR-1435

Model 8G-HCPR-1435

Also available in other Hammered colors here

Model 8G-HSLV-1436

Model 8G-HSLV-1436

Also available in other Hammered colors  Here

Model 8G-HGRN-1438

Model 8G-HGRN-1438


Thank you, and Stay Tuned….

We will be discontinuing the Chakra C7 instruments and all A=432 Hz tuning.

April 14, 2015

As the last 5 of the A=432 Hz C7 Model MILLTONE are listed we  will be phasing out the the line for this model and no more will be made. We will not be accepting any orders for these models. The phase out begins today with model C7-HGRY-1418 which will be the last MILLTONE with A=432 Hz. tuning.

The final 4 C7 models will have the A=432 Hz tuning but no Chakra symbols. They will be C7-HBLK-1421, C7-HGLD-1424, C7-HVGRN-1427, and finally C7-HWHT-1431.

UPDATE 1421, 1427 and 1431 are sold so C7-HGLD1424 is now the very last C7 still available – listed on eBay.

There will be no more MILLTONE instruments with A=432 Hz tuning made. Thank you for your continued support during this transition.

Stay tuned…..

Changed Mic for video demos plus new heads arrived.

March 26, 2015

In the past video demos had the sound recorded using a Shure SM57 instrument mic. Beginning with 8G-HVGRN-1407 the demos are made using a Shure SM48 vocal mic. The mic signal goes through two preamps, a Rolls Mini-Mic then ART Tube MP studio amp before entering the Creative X-Fi usb sound card and Audacity windows software. We did not change any settings on the preamps. All we did was unplug the SM57 and plug in the SM48. Same cables and mic position over the drums. This is the first demo using the new mic.


We wanted to introduce this mic change before the new head stock begins in a couple weeks so the demo comparisons between the new heads and old will not have the added variable of the mic change.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

March 17, 2015
Model C7-HGRN-1402

Model C7-HGRN-1402


Green on Green

Green on Green

For the one Irish music therapist……

See this and a couple other MILLTONE instruments on eBay, Here.


Thank you, and stay tuned….

Some nice, encouraging, words from drummer Dan Kuemmel

February 27, 2015
Dan ordered a matching set of  custom MILLTONE drums. After receiving his custom Hammered Gold  8G and C7 instruments he wrote this message. I am very pleased to share it with you with his permission. It has encouraged me to continue making these instruments and may encourage you to try one for yourself. Also take some time and check out the artists he works with as well as his unique drumming style. Refreshing….
“Larry – Dude…these drums are awesome. I have to start with one and get to know it. It takes a long time. So, I’m starting with the 8G tuning and it’s exactly what I wanted. I have played both but I need to understand different combinations of movements and that means start with one drum and keep playing it until you understand the technique and quirks of each drum. Understanding a drum can take years. I see so many possibilities with these Milltone drums.
Originally I wanted a wooden tongue or “slit” drum. However, I had a hunch (being a professional drummer for 25 of my 37 years) that a metal version would provide more volume, resonance, and a more “true” tuning. It would also hold up longer on the road and be less bulky (at least yours would). I looked at a lot of the others versions on the market and it was an easy decision to go with Milltone.
When I approached you I knew that I didn’t want a panArt drum that is so expensive and bulky that I couldn’t use it. I didn’t want other models that were double sided or lacked resonance. The bottom of the drum sounds amazing and allows for a lot of freedom to create interesting sounds some other models don’t. I loved the design, the font/design of your logo, and the resonance of your drums. I mean, I could tell it was the most resonant model from a youtube clip. It stood out in comparison with your competition. Your drums had *style* and sang all the same.
The Milltone drums sound amazing with superball mallets. The true resonance stands out and the tones are truer and more resonant. You can get double stroke rolls with the mallets and not damage the drums. With my hands I can hit the side of the drum with my hand for backbeats and get tones that just about match the tongues based on where I hit it. This means I can create a Cuban son, a drum n’ bass, dubstep, calypso, or rock beat with one hand and create a melody with the other. Playing the bottom of the drum between my legs (as loose as possible as not to choke tonalities) sounds great as well. The key word with Milltone is RESONANCE and the sound hole being on the top of the drum (as opposed to some of your competition) is genius. I also play those old national resonator guitars you might be familiar with as part of the Delta Blues tradition down near your home on the Tennessee/Mississippi border. That concept of resonance and volume in National guitars derives from the metal/nickel coated body and the cone allowing the sound to bounce around and come through the top or face of the guitar. Before amplification, it provided unrivaled volume and resonance. You won’t get that same sound with the sound hole on the bottom of a slit/metal hand pan.
I couldn’t be happier with these drums. I’m finishing my first solo record and this was exactly what I needed to provide more melody from a percussion instrument. I’m scoring a couple more movies this year and hope to use my Milltone drums on those as well.
Thank you. People who build things with their hands are under appreciated these days. It’s a lost art. I didn’t want stickers on the tongues because the beauty of your drums stand out on their own. I also appreciate all the work and artistry that goes into making this.
I don’t want a thing from you. I’m just really grateful that you built me an amazing instrument. If anyone is ever on the fence about purchasing a drum from you feel free to give them my contact information. I’ll gladly provide audio samples and explain why this is the best model. I will comb your beard…pick the food out of it…give you a big high five should we ever meet.
Dan Kuemmel
Drummer: Clem Snide/Eef Barzelay/Dietrich Gosser/Count This Penny/Others
Nowhere, WI”
Thank you Dan, Enjoy!

We Love our MILLTONE customers

January 13, 2015

We love our customers and are working very hard to prove it. Not only will be continuing the half price $150 eBay starting price, we have now lowered the Buy it Now price by $100 to just $299 including FREE Priority USPS shipping anywhere in the US and Flat rate international shipping. Nothing says love like lower prices, and we do love our customers. Enjoy!

Holidays are a time for giving so we are giving half off our eBay starting prices.

December 10, 2014

Now for a limited time all eBay MILLTONE listings will start at $150 with FREE Priority shipping anywhere in the US. Are you kidding me? Check it out for yourself here.

Happy Holidays!!

Thank You, and Stay tuned….


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